Skillshare Classes

My first class on Skillshare was short and sweet. All I knew is I wanted to explain my process for Brand Positioning as quickly and simply as possible. I uploaded it to the platform with zero idea what people would think. Luckily students watched it, and Skillshare noticed it, featured it, and two years later it's reached 3000 students. I think I have a knack for explaining complex things simply, and I followed up by developing the "Brand First" workshop series diving deeper into each step of the process. I shoot and edit all the video, design all of the digital assets, and develop each class by brainstorming and outlining using a mess of post-it notes. Over my six classes I've improved the quality of the content, become more comfortable delivering it, and upped my production value. I'm now rated as a Skillshare "Top Teacher" which represents the top 1% of teachers on the platform.