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I'm a digital product designer and UX strategist.

I like exploring complex ideas and processes and making them easy to understand.

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An organization or design team

Working on interesting problems that could use the help of a thoughtful, straightforward designer, who I'm told is pretty easy to work with.

Businesses of any size

That need a project done, something designed or a problem solved, with your business goals and strategy in mind.

An eccentric billionaire

With wacky ideas and disposable income... maybe.

Past Relationships

Who we are has a lot to do with where we came from.

Here's a look back at where I've been and what I've done.

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This is an overview, get in touch if you'd like to see more about how I got there.

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Aetna Healthcare Logo

Aetna Rewards Center

Creating an easy-to-use rewards platform to encourage healthy habits.

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iOS screen design of the Choice app welcome screen.


At Choice, the goal was to give users the "choice" to include crypto alongside more traditional investments in their IRA accounts.

This role also gave me the opportunity to dig into all the ways people invest, and how various fintech apps handle that user journey.

Choice was built using a single codebase (Flutter), which led me to build components/widgets that could be used across all screen sizes and platforms.


  • Designing components that helped to launch Choice on all platforms using a single codebase.
  • Facilitating workshops to help connect the product to the brand strategy and voice.
  • Developing solutions and flows to help users transfer existing retirement accounts to Choice.
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I started at InVision as a Learning Experience Designer. I created product training videos and courses which helped users learn how to facilitate workshops in Freehand and connect designs to Design System Manager.

I later became the Internal Tools Designer. I worked with our developers to create designs to finish building out the Support Hub which housed InVision's many design resources.


  • Researched internal tool usage among our Sales team and designed a solution to provide important product usage data visualizations directly in Salesforce.
  • Worked directly with the Internal Tools team's Front-End and Back-End devs to streamline the usage of internal and external tools.
  • Partnered with various stakeholders to help launch core product training courses on InVision Learn.
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InVision Support Hub web design layout.
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